Chevrolet Corvair - Pete Koehler


Pete Koehler loves Corvairs – 1960 models, specifically. In fact, his passion for them is so intense that his recent decision to pare down his collection may have been a bit of a surprise to some.

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Pete, when I graduated from college in 1964, I purchased my first new vehicle, a 64 Corvair Spyder coupe. I drove the car through six harsh Minnesota winters and it never failed me once. It was an incredible piece of engineering and design by GM that was way ahead of it’s time. Twelve years ago, as a car hobbyist/collector, I purchased out of Ohio, a 64 Corvair Spyder convertible with 56000 original miles from the estate of the original owner. Every part on this car is the way it came off the Willow Creek assembly line in 64, except for the tires, battery and top. I have maintained its pristine condition with a lot of elbow grease and attention to detail, just as the previous owner did before me. I believe it to be one of the finest examples of an original Spyder in the country. What memories it has brought back to me over these past 11 years. It has been the most "fun " driving
Collector car I have owned.