Chevrolet Corvette - Hagerty Employee


As a kid, Jenn Moreno spent hours in the garage with her dad while he worked on his hot rods, so naturally she grew up with an appreciation for cars. Jenn’s love for Corvettes came much later, but her passion for the iconic GM sports car is strong. Each autumn she organizes a color tour for members of her Corvette club, and whenever she takes the car out, her three children argue about whose turn it is to ride along. Jenn’s love for classic automobiles makes her a perfect fit at Hagerty, where she began working as a sales agent before becoming an underwriter.

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I also own a 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette, my fourth one (I keep buying better ones). It is one of my favorite designs and this one is a fully loaded L-82 with only 18,000 miles on it. I’m the 2nd owner and have had it for 22 tears as my car-show and club cruise car. I also have a 2003 50th Anniversary coupe as my fair weather driver and a 1966 coupe race car. Having owned over 20 Corvettes from 1961 to 2003 and as a founding member of our local Corvette club, you can see I am passionate about Corvettes, especially the older ones. Can’t wait to see the C-8 mid-engine ZORA.