Chevrolet releases pics of the C8’s steering wheel

As much as we’d all like to take the C8’s steering wheel from the test drivers right now, Chevy’s PR peeps took matters into their own tapping fingers and put the wheel on Instagram.

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Gosh. I can’t wait for the photos of the oil filler cap, lug nuts and gas cap.

I’ll wait for one without the paddles.

Logo starting to look more like a T/A every gen.

I’m still waiting to buy a car with a rectangular shaped steering wheel. This is getting close.

@b.wohlfarth - Ha! You have a point.

It’s a corvette. Move on unless your over 70 years old.

Don’t know why people have to slam the most impressive vehicle ever produced in the Americas. Give it a rest. If you can’t afford a new corvette we all understand. Bought my 19 to make sure I got a last one. Waiting for my shot at a mid engine. And yes I’m 70

I’m not slamming the Corvette’s. I own a '63…love the car. Its just that the geometry of some of the newer steering wheels confuses me. Then again, I was never good at geometry.

Sorry. I just get out of my element over vettes. My bad. I have been following since I knew cars got you where you went. Been thru 62, passed on 63, in 68, couldn’t bring myself to deprive my 13 and 16 year olds on food when offered a 427 4 speed for $10,000 in 1984. Bought a 1986 new. We’ve had an 89, a last year 96, an 2002. We have a 2009 GT-1, a 1986 track car, and the 2019. I guess I’m ate up with it. I will tell you the flat bottom on the 19 is wonderful. Really helps quick handling.

Once again sorry to be mean. Not really me