Chevrolet SSR - Pickup/Hot Rod Mashup


Occasionally, when freed from the constraints that come with designing modern family sedans or SUVs, mainstream carmakers can surprise us with startling vehicles. Sometimes, such efforts score a hit that becomes an icon, like the Dodge Viper. Even when niche models fail to turn auto-show excitement into showroom successes, though, we still admire them for keeping the enthusiast flame burning.

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Well I saw the SSR at Detroit revealing & bought the diecast back in 2000. I wanted a el Camino all my life. Could not afford one at collectors prices. But in 2010 when the new Camaro was coming. So I attempted to buy one. Chevrolet told me that my request for the Camaro I built on the Build your own. Was not a Camaro they produced? Jump ahead to 2012. I was at A Cruise in. The Camaro parked next to me was exactly what I spec out. Weird? GM Lied. So I went from a new Camaro to a 2004 SSR I saw add on supermarket tabloid sales. Went to look at the SSR. over $10,000 under blue book. I bought my SSR. Instant love of all GM made my Truck. The first year & 3000 miles was fantastic. The honey moon ended when the engine overheated. The dumb employee did not place radiator cap back on after Instant oil change. he various electrical problems started. Overheating due to fans not coming on. ABS unit failed, Speedometer read 85 mph sitting in Garage? The list goes on. Took to a Chevrolet dealer to have the experts figure out why check engine light was on & speed was a guess driving. After a day at dealer & a estimate of over $5000? The service department wanted to keep my SSR for a week to do all repairs? I love my SSR when she is running right. Now with double the miles I bought her for. 150,000 miles 2 Vandalism & many dollars later. I think my SSR is ok? Well a dream truck a middle age crisis single man. I still love her. Performance is back with almost 100 more horse power. The ride is smoother. Chevrolet should have built it as shown in 2000 introduction. I saw the first concept SSR at Woodward Ave dream cruise with the man who wanted the SSR for Chevrolet driving it. I hope I have not bored you? Just another example how a good idea gets pooed on. I stay home now after my SSR is banned from appearing at Car Shows.