Chevy put serious juice into this electric “E-10” SEMA concept truck

The eCOPO Camaro was Chevy’s factory-converted electric drag experiment, but obviously the bowtie brand isn’t done with creative EV builds. At SEMA this year, Chevy is showing its new E-10 concept, announcing its first modern foray into the electric restomod trend. This burnt-orange, zero-emission truck is the 450-horsepower result of Chevy digging around in its chest of batteries and motors and outfitting a C-10 pickup with a new pacemaker.

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It’s a lowered short box, so we often see those with c-notches and not much usable box space --but this has basically none by the looks of the pictures.

They need to refine these to either fill a part of the bed like one of those drop in tool boxes, hide under a raised bed floor, or use more of the engine bay and undercarriage space.

This has to be possible if they can do Aston Martins and Beetles (smaller lighter sure).

I got stuck with a similar battery setup on an S-10 when I was in college because the adviser wanted easy access for maintenance, and to prevent the batteries from being punctured by road debris. This was back when Lead Acid was king. Two years later we met up with a High School team that just welded some hinges and pipes into the mounting system and made a lift bed with the batteries between the frame rails. A little vision and not being averse to risk was all it took. I will admit our setup made it easy to show the battery pack and that was part of the point.

Stopped reading at, " zero-emission ". Impossible to continue past crap like that. The emissions were created where the power was generated, possibly at a coal-fired generating plant.

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@gwoods - Correct, the vehicle itself emits zero emissions, but the energy it is using is not as clean as some (many) would like it to be.

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Awesome coal fired truck! But I still prefer internal combustion… https://www.prageru.com/video/are-electric-cars-really-green/


Looks like a great alternative with no oil, gas and anti-freeze to ooze out. This will only enhance interest in older cars, especially where keeping the purely stock engine isn’t a great option. If you are resorting to un-original crate engines or cloning, why not electric?

An interesting engineering exercise. I’m glad people are still asking “what if?” However, it will still be a long while before I seriously consider electric propulsion in place of a BBC, SBC, or LS for a build.

there’s still radiator fluid, transmission fluid and battery coolant though. But yes, no gas smell or oil leaks would be nice! I saw this up at SEMA and talked to the engineer that led it. Really cool build.

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I have this discussion with family and friends who have Teslas. They don’t get that the juice it drinks is the #1 emitter of greenhouse gas emissions. or at least it was until solar started getting prevalent. But still… c’mon! Then there’s the battery sourcing. It’s like blood diamonds all over again.

WOW! That video about about electric cars versus ICE is surprising. I knew that there were peripheral uses of energy that would be required of electric vehicles but I didn’t know some of the data in that video. Now I can be a luddite and tell people that you can take my gas-powered old Plymouth from my cold dead hands, I can say that it is probably less polluting than their Prius!

I usually ease for the door after asking how many eagles were killed by wind farms generating power for their electric car :wink: All sparring aside, electric cars aren’t evil, DC motors have amazing torque and when battery tech finally makes it to needed levels they will be awesome. I’m just fed up with all the non-polluting, carbon free, unicorn fart powered lies that are so frequently quoted by the moonbats.

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nailed it. I wanted to do an EV build four years ago. Even went to EV West for a visit. But it’s sooooooooo expensive for what it is. Even some homegrown versions you see are still around $20k and look like crap. Someday it’ll make sense. For now, I’m enjoying my Challenger RT and my 69 Rambler Wagon with it’s sweet little small block V8.

That would make an awesome pizza delivery vehicle, though. Super fast, and although there isn’t room for anything taller than rows of pizza boxes in the back, the batteries would help keep them warm😋

Great build by the factory! They married two of the hottest trends from opposite corners of the market. Though it might not be some peoples preferred taste, I think it is an incredible build and they should be commended! I drive a fully custom '70 C10 w/ a 454BB and I’d trade for this in a Heartbeat… see what I did there :slight_smile: