Chevy’s latest C8 Corvette teaser video brings the hype


Chevrolet just dropped a piping-hot teaser trailer for its new eighth-generation Corvette, and, boy, does it have us pumped. The new video, titled “Let’s Go,” prominently features famed ’Vette Chief Engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov, whose likeness has also appeared as an Easter Egg within the new car’s black-and-white camouflage scheme.

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Go back to 1975. Corvettes were criminally overweight, laughingly underpowered and had a build quality like a Romanian tractor. Too bad the GM brass did not pass a blank sheet of paper to the Italians with the order to design a Corvette like a Dino, give the design to the Germans to engineer and have the Japanese build a plant to build it. Two decades into the 21st century and we have an American mid-engine? Wow.


That was contentless Hype, thanks for wasting 18 seconds of my life GM


If you want to bash GM, go to the Ford website!!