Chrysler crossfire

I would like to know where I can go on here to discuss the current classic ( to me ) can be found. It seems Hagerty doesn’t have any collectable information on the Chrysler Crossfire.
I know that if you go to Facebook they have quite a following.


I agree that they are starting to bounce back. I had the second one sold in AZ, traded a BMW M3 on it and did not miss it at all. I drove off the lot playing my James Bond sound track and felt that way for the life of that car. It was the only car that I had ever ended up getting published when asked to write a review for a CA based review site.

However, like so many collector cars we have seen of the recent past, they have or had gone through a massive deprecation. I think that this has happen, but would love to see what the experts say. So thanks for bringing this up and if there is anything I can do to share more about that special functional automotive piece of art, just let me know.