Chrysler’s talking K-car was oh-so-1980s


Electronics infiltrating automobiles signals the start of the dark days for many enthusiasts, but there are certainly bright spots. OBD scanners are undeniably helpful for diagnosis, power widows and dual-zone climate control are welcome creature comforts, and bulky car phones are hilarious. But Hagerty forums user johnvukovichjr reminded us that other electronics could be ridiculous and silly too—like when Chrysler implemented the talking voice assistant in the 1980s. Think terrible, primitive version of Alexa. Of course, we’re talking about EVA.

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Thanks again @johnvukovichjr for the reminder that the voice of the K-car was so fantastic.


I worked on these when they were new. We always joked that, “A door is not a jar, it’s a door”. The technology was created and supplied to Chrysler by Texas Instruments if I recall. Thanks for the memories!


Yea, it’s got a Hemi.


Well, not REALLY like Alexa… Think more like “In Soviet Russia, computer tells YOU what to do!”.