Citroën 2CV - Little Car, Lots of History


As Vice President, Collection & Research, at the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation in the capital city of Ottawa, Claude Faubert is in regular contact with one of the country's most important assortment of historic vehicles. That's because in his day-to-day job, he is involved in the development and preservation of a collection and archives that comprise 160 rare vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles; 15,000 automotive documents; and 8,000 period ads. But for the last 40 years, the man harbored a secret wish: to have an antique automobile of his own. Which sounds totally understandable, of course, particularly when you're surrounded by so many tantalizing examples in the workplace — a situation reminiscent, it seems, of the proverbial cobbler's child. During those four decades of discreet coveting, Claude's affection was squarely directed at one and only one model: the quirky-looking Citroën 2CV, which had stolen his heart long ago in France. Eventually, his wish became known by family members, including sons Patrick and Jean-Pascal, as he would often spend time researching, or searching for, the object of desire while gathering miniature replicas of it — solace in small packages.

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