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Virtually everyone who has ever played with collector cars has a story like mine, of getting in over your head, then selling and taking your lumps. Mine involves the one and only Italian exotic that I’ve owned, a 1967 Maserati Mistral coupe. I bought it in early 2008, prior to the sub-prime mortgage meltdown when the faintest cracks were just starting to appear in the muscle car market. I loved the car enough to invest in new paint and the recommended Bosch fuel pump upgrade for the intact and very sweet Lucas mechanical fuel injection.

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I’ve owned an aluminum-bodied Maserati Mistral since 1975 and agreed with much of what you’ve said. A great deal of the Mistral’s underpinnings were sourced from British parts bins which isn’t true of a great many other Italian exotics. Even the door handles can be purchased for an Alfa Guilietta Spider. If the price of Mistral parts shocks you, look up restoration parts for a 300SL or even worse, any '60’s Ferrari. The worse damage to the Mistral’s value was the constant maligning of the Lucas injection and the “supposedly” controversial styling, i.e. you either “love it or hate it,” The Mistral is actually valued much higher in Europe than here in the States and the Lucas injection is easier to deal with than synchronizing triple Webers. The upgrade to a Bosch fuel pump is a brilliant decision on your part. Personally, I like the wonderfully bespoke character of the Mistral and the minor imperfections that show a human being built the car, not a robot.


I was interested to read the two articles about the Maserati Mistral. I bought one about 30 years ago. It had a frozen engine and a rock through the window. I was in Italy for a Lancia club event and stopped by Bologna to buy parts for the engine rebuild. The engine is about 3/4 finished. However, the interior is a mess and I am getting old! Sadly I don’t think I am going to finish it and I looked forward to driving it down the road at some ridiculous speed.