Classic Car Covers


Does anyone have any good recommendations on car covers? I’m new to the classic car community and have a 1947 chevy fleetline. I live in TN and in my research found that tight fitting covers or certain materials can damage your car depending on the weather you will be storing it in. I store my car in a private covered parking garage and winter is coming so i want to do everythiing i can to protect the car. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Meredith


@meredith.rosenberg - You might take two types into consideration.

the first is a Car Jacket which completely seals the car in. It is not tight fitting but I would likely recommend to use in combination with a soft car cover to prevent paint damage if the “jacket” should shift and move on the paint.

For a more standard car cover, look into California Car Covers. These are marketed as being breathable while being thick enough to prevent small scratches and dings.


thank you so much Kyle, you are amazing :slight_smile:


@meredith.rosenberg I recently bought two car covers and it can be really confusing. I have indoor storage as well and went with ones that have multi-layer fabric that is soft and breathable and wasn’t too expensive. Get one or two steps up from the cheapest option and you should be fine.


I have California Cover on my ‘36 Ford. Going on 15 years and it looks decent a few minor holes but I think I have a couple more years. I’m looking at the car capsule next.


@nacs007 - Interesting to hear how one has held up to time. I rarely hear how covers do in the long term. Thanks for sharing!