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Today I started to work on a 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB, and as I was closely inspecting the car to develop my plan of attack, I remembered a piece that I had written in an F40 article last summer. In it I discussed how important it is for a professional detailer to carefully restore the finish of the car during the process in order to preserve the history, without creating any future issues that could potentially add to the history. Cars like the F40 are rare, but there were far less of the 275 made (only 205 for the ’64-’66 2-cam, and just 330 of the ’66-’68 4-cam). I am fortunate enough to be working on two of them this month (one a ’66 275 GTB, and the other a ’67 275 GTB 4-cam). So when I do a restorative detail on cars like this, I need to heed my own warnings that I outlined in last year’s article below.

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