Classic Droptops - Great Convertibles


There’s nothing quite like driving a convertible. They force you to slow down and enjoy your surroundings rather than just drive to a destination. In fact, they were designed and built with pleasure driving in mind. Now that summer is here with a vengeance, check out this list of classic convertibles that provide the broadest range of fun, value and stop-them-in-their-tracks good looks.

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I have 7 mustang verts, two are 65 one an A code 4 speed the other a 2-V automatic. I bought back in the 70’s before they were worth anything. I also have the pretty rare Towne Top removable hard tops for them I actually have three of the tops. Have the documents that show they were sold by Ford but not made by Ford. Will fit 1964 1/2 - 1967. Have two black ones with stainless Crown strip and one white. I was told I was crazy many time when buying NOS parts at the Ford dealer to put in the garage for future.