Classic Mustang Shop

I am looking for a reputable shop near me to do some body work and minor mechanical work on my original 1970 Mach I. I live 30 minutes north of Nashville, TN. Any recommendations.

Wish I could help you, but the only areas of TN that I am familiar with are Cookeville, and Crossville having lived in that area for a while. That being said there are a couple of really good body shops in Crossville that I would be happy to recommend if you don’t mind tha th kind of drive.

Crossville would not be too far for me. Please provide the names of the shops you would recommend.


Jack Lawson in Crossville, TN. He actually works in the body shop at the local Chevy dealer. He has in own shop in White County. Should you have any 'stang questions, one of my Crossville sources (my former mandolin player) is retired Ford and worked on the lines then as a supervisor when the first and second gen stangs were being built. I have another friend in IL who is very knowledgeable with them even though his primary restos he does are 60s Fairlanes. So between the two of them, should you have any questions, message me and I will be happy to pick their brains for you.

Thank you very much.