Classic of the Month - DMV Helps Reunite a Car and Owner 20 Years Later, Kevin’s 1956 Ford Fairlane


Hagerty member Kevin Nolan recently spoke with Licensed Sales Agent Ryan Frazier and shared the story of his 1956 Ford Fairlane.

Kevin’s mother purchased this Fairlane in 1960, and in 1974 Kevin was able to purchase the car from her. He used it as his dating vehicle for 5 years and the getaway car at his wedding with Janet. They also used it for many family events like camping, drive-in movies, etc. Unfortunately, it became too much of a project car to use regularly. So Kevin and his family agreed to sell it in 1993 as life got in the way and they couldn’t afford to restore it themselves.
Fast-forward 20 years and the family was determined to find the vehicle. Janet tried everything until someone recommended trying the DMV for a vehicle record form. She submitted the form and was given the name of the current owner and license plate# but no address. She tried every legal way to find the vehicle, but to no avail. They thought they had done all they could and decided to file it away. They decided to put it God’s hands and prayed that the vehicle would somehow make its way back to them.
Unknown by them the DMV had reached out to the family who owned the vehicle and somehow the current owner tracked down Kevin and Janet. The current owners had made their 20 years of memories and were interested in selling it back to the family who loved the vehicle so much. Luckily for Kevin and Janet the vehicle had been restored by the current owners. Sure it looked a little different but it was the same car they had built so many memories in. The family bought it and returned home with the car that Kevin and his family grew up in. They were astonished. They reached back out to the DMV and wanted to thank the clerk who helped them so much so they did just that. The family feels truly blessed to have been given the gift of the vehicle.