Clearance issues pour cold water on Lotus pump replacement


When last we left my 1974 Lotus Europa Twin-Cam Special, it was Christmas Eve and the cartridge-style water pump kit I’d waited over a year for had finally arrived. Oh boy! (He says, rubbing his hands together like a kid.)

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Way to go, Rob!

Ah, yes…“fettling”. I read somewhere that you could throw a door at a Camry from 20’, and it would hit the car and fit properly, but the same task would take three weeks of “fettling” on a Jaguar.

The only British engine I have any real experience with is the 1600 Kent engine that came in my 1971 Mercury Capri. I think our blocks were distantly related, but little else.

  • Jim


I don’t know anything about Lotus engines but wonder if a remote mounted electric water pump could have been adapted. Works great on lots of engines I’ve worked on. Good when there is a tight fit. Can’t wait to hear how this project proceeds!


You might consider looking at Brian Buckland’s Lotus Elan Addendum Workshop Manual. He has some thoughts about sealing the front cover that may help.
Considering your travails with the cartridge unit, I’m likely to replace the water pump with the standard non-cartridge unit when my Europa needs it. If the installation is done carefully, the water pump life span for a Europa is quite reasonable.