Clearance issues pour cold water on Lotus pump replacement


When last we left my 1974 Lotus Europa Twin-Cam Special, it was Christmas Eve and the cartridge-style water pump kit I’d waited over a year for had finally arrived. Oh boy! (He says, rubbing his hands together like a kid.)

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Way to go, Rob!

Ah, yes…“fettling”. I read somewhere that you could throw a door at a Camry from 20’, and it would hit the car and fit properly, but the same task would take three weeks of “fettling” on a Jaguar.

The only British engine I have any real experience with is the 1600 Kent engine that came in my 1971 Mercury Capri. I think our blocks were distantly related, but little else.

  • Jim


I don’t know anything about Lotus engines but wonder if a remote mounted electric water pump could have been adapted. Works great on lots of engines I’ve worked on. Good when there is a tight fit. Can’t wait to hear how this project proceeds!