CollectibleClassic -- 1962-64 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk


The introduction of Studebaker’s Gran Turismo Hawk in the fall of 1962 was something akin to an ICU patient hopping out of bed and reaching for a pack of Luckies. The industry had assumed that Studebaker’s long-running C/K coupe/hardtop, which had made its debut in 1953, as the Starliner, had finally run its course at the dawn of the 1960’s. Indeed, the so-called lowboy – designed by Raymond Loewy’s team, headed by Bob Bourke – was on life number nine by the time of JFK’s inauguration. The original 1953-54 C/K is a Certified Milestone Car, often cited as one of the most beautiful American car designs of all time. Despite its aesthetics, it was far from a commercial success and was reconfigured time and time again.

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