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Jim Bright of Hickory, N.C., owned a silver 1979 Honda CBX way back in 1990. It came and went, however, as the need for cash trumped his need for the bike. But not before he got a picture of his daughter Mackenzie sitting on his lap on the bike. Four years ago, Jim started the hunt for a replacement CBX. One day he heard about a guy who had one, but only had a name, so he did some digging, tracked the guy down, and asked if the bike was for sale. Apparently the guy had parked the bike in 1989 with a seized rear caliper, and there it had sat. And that is how Jim found it — full of gas with the carbs drained and the battery disconnected. But according to Jim, “This bike has never been left outside, every nut, bolt and hose is in perfect condition, and it has 21,000 miles but looks like it has 2,000.” Jim now has the bike he hated to get rid of more than 20 years ago. And he’s also got a new photo with his daughter.

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