Coming Full Circle


I was married in 1975 at seventeen. My Father In Law was a car guy, also a very frugal man who was self employed. He drove a beat up old ‘63 Buick Le Sabre that he always kept going. All of the family brought their cars to him when they were broken. Funny how the guy with the smallest tool box was the one who could get anything done! I had some mechanical aptitude and he liked me enough to teach me to be a Shade Tree Mechanic.

As I was able to afford better cars, there was less and less I was able to do with my growing tool collection, outside of oil changes and tire rotations. Cars didn’t even have grease fittings any longer.

I grew up always wanting to own a classic car and that dream finally became reality. I had acquired the garage space and the means to begin shopping. I grew up in the sixties, so buying a car from the fifties was reaching back a little, but I’m not sorry. The lessons my now late Father In Law taught me apply really well on a vehicle even more simple than those I worked on in my youth. My tools are finally being used again. The nodding dog in my rear window is like the one he had in his Buick. I owe him a debt of gratitude for the ability he brought out in me!