Coming to America: 5 cool cars you can now import to the U.S.


We call it the “25-year rule.” Basically, when a car that was never sold in the United States finally reaches its 25th birthday, it suddenly becomes much easier to import. So as time marches on, all kinds of formerly forbidden automotive fruit make the transition to potential purchases.

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Big fan of Japanese sports and sporty cars. And understand I’m apparently in the minority. But living here in North America RHD is a deal breaker for me personally.


@Jim-R - Never having owned one (RHD that is), I really enojy the novelty of it when driving a friends car. Maybe it would wear off and just become annoying though.

What’s you reasoning though?


@Kyle ,
“Novelty”? OK. But to my old eye its more a case that it just looks odd…maybe wrong is a better term. And then there’s the challenge of bank and fast food drive-thrus, toll ways and drive-up mailboxes. Really silly IMO are the RHD cars that get imported for all that JDM sweetness, even though we saw the same cars sold here in LHD. I don’t know, again I’m old and maybe it’s just generational.


@Jim-R - No, you are right. What I mean by novelty- it’s fun to be on the “wrong” side of the car and driving, but you are totally right on the practicality side. Using the car as a car would certainly get frustrating fast.