Concours d’ LeMons


Having written a few "Rust in Peace" stories about infamously bad cars over the last several years, I was looking forward to the inaugural Concours d' LeMons with the same anticipation a fourteen year-old reserves for the release of the next version of "Grand Theft Auto."

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Having "…a forgotten captive import called the Plymouth Sapporo, which sported a feature that makes BMW’s i-Drive seem like just a minor irritant-the Sapporo actually talks to the driver, reminding him or her that the keys are still in the ignition or the parking brake is still on." must have been the genesis of the talking Chrysler. Unfortunately, they held on through the 1980’s as my wife’s beloved Chrysler LeBaron GTS constantly reminded us “Don’t Forget Your Cheese” when you left the key in the ignition. What “cheese” had to do with the key still being in the ignition we’ll never know, but it was a very reliable and very fun car to drive for a couple of years!


I had an 85 LeBAron GTS. When the battery was dying it woud say, " You’re …electrical…system…is …malfunctioning…at an ever slowing cadence.
Sarcastic car.