Convertible Steals: 10 for under 10 grand


Fall is pretty much in the air but there’s still some summer driving to be had. Now might be the time to latch on to a great classic convertible — maybe even at a discount — from sellers who sense the window closing on their selling season. You can’t go wrong with any of these bargain drop tops:

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Regarding the Eldorado and Riviera convertibles - the final E platform GM products prior 2 the unloved generation which succeeded it – appraisal values have went up past $10,000 if it were SLABed out esp in the Houston Metro area because of the SLAB culture - especially when seen with the Cragar Star Wire Wheels now manufactured by Texan Wire Wheels since 2006 (these E platform GM vehicles have been part of the SLAB scene in H-town including custom builds where a 1990 Cadillac Brougham nose is grafted and 4 those unfamilar with SLAB culture - its a vehicle customizing trend which dates back to the mid 1980s in Houston-area inner city neighborhoods (Houston’s Third, Fourth, Fifth Ward, Acres Homes, Sunnyside/South Park including some of Southwest Houston (Hiram Clarke) and the boomburb of Missouri City in NE Fort Bend County where one would take a full size malaise era GM product (from a B or C body, A/G body, or the E platform) and repaint the vehicle in flashy colors, aftermarket rims, and a sound system - these cars are Slow, Loud, and Bangin (hence the acronym SLAB) since the culture is also associated with Houston hip-hop music


Old topic, but important to note. I lost a friend years ago when her 80 something custom convertible z28 broke in half in a wreck. Buyer beware of non reinforced topless cars. Important to understand the loss of structure when a top is removed and the importance of structural enhancement.