Convertible values: hard tops vs. soft tops


Not sure if this should be a poll or not, but I’d like to see where everybody stands regarding the collectability of hard top convertible style vehicles vs. soft top convertible style vehicles.

Or, if Hagerty themselves wants to “do up this topic right into an article” I wouldn’t mind that, either.



@01ksdavis - Personally, I like coupes better because I put miles on my cars. Coupes tend to be quieter and actually seal up against the weather with minimal effort. That makes coupes more collectable to me, as it is what I desire to own.

We did a coupe vs convertible “by the numbers” a bit a little over a year ago, including a sweet graphic that shows each states preference. That said, we will look at revisiting the topic in the future.


Right and well understood about the differences between convertible and regular coupes,

However, I meant the 2 different types of convertibles that you can find, usually.

Even cars from the 50s (my wife’s cousin’s husband had a 56 t bird) had an optional hard top as an option.

Not sure what became of that vehicle, I think he traded it in for an RV.

In recent history, I know some of the German manufacturers (BMW and VW) had hard top convertible models.

Also, the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Skye was rumored to have an option for a hard top as well.

The Jeep Wrangler crowd would probably be able to attach a worth value to this, perhaps. It is the only vehicle sold today that has both options that I’m aware of.



In the early ‘90s, As a Lieutenant in the USAF, I restored a 1975 complete with removable factory hardtop. My wife did not like the top down, as the “wind whipping around was uncomfortable for her and messed up her hair.” LOL. Flash forward to 2019 and we have a 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette. Even with the T-Tops removed, there is less wind noise and disturbance, and she is quicker to jump in for a cruise through the mountains. Hard tops for me, please.


Personally, I like hardtops. I recently bought a 1965 Mustang coupe. I would not have a convertible even though they are usually worth more money. If you are restoring one, convertibles have more rust issues.Then you have to deal the plastic rear window and the deteriorating convertible top . How many years will that last before replacement is required? And what does it cost to replace one ? Besides that convertibles leak when driven in the rain. And someone mentioned wind noise. I know they are more sexy than coupes and you can let your gray hair flap in the breeze but I will stick to coupes, thank you.