Corvette C8 camouflage has a Zora-inspired Easter egg

When the first official photos of the new C8 Corvette appeared last week, we were so busy studying the overall design that we missed a few interesting additions to the camouflage. But the staff over at Road & Track and Corvette Blogger pointed out some small stickers of a silhouette that depicts not just any man, but the man when it comes to Corvette.

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The Zora’s aren’t the only Easter Eggs in the camo. Look just ahead of the passenger mirror on the fender.

Is that Pikachu the little Japanese creature that has nothing to do with a Corvette? They should show Zora taking a bite out of him.

That other ‘dog like’ creature doesn’t belong either.


‘America’s most beloved sports car’? Really? Aren’t Mustangs really popular, or sold more or something? Very annoying when people make these claims without evidence. Just makes you think they may be talking shite.

@ian.parkes - Most folks would not classify the Mustang and Corvette in the same category. Pony car (or Muscle car, depends who your ask) vs. a true sports car.

I would agree though, the Mustang has a special place in history.

Thanks Kyle, helpful, although for someone (me) who thinks of a sports car as something like a Lotus, the difference between a ‘pony car’ or muscle car (coupes fastbacks and roadsters) and a Corvette wasn’t that obvious. Made me wonder what else was an American sports car and not a pony car and I came up with a Cobra and Viper. But googling ‘American sports cars’ brings up lists that all include Mustangs. Oh, how could I forget the greatest! The Ford GT40.