Corvette C8 Goes Mid V-8


Today it's clear that tradition is essential to the Corvette ethos. But younger, more adventurous customers will be needed to keep the flame burning. A mid-engine layout will allow more possibilities, including special editions that will climb even higher up the performance and price scale. Although the C7 Stingray and its evolutionary descendants will surely live on for several more years, the mid-engine C8 will soon arrive to give Corvette customers a second choice. Painted with drops of leaked information from a GM Deep Throat, our rendering of the forthcoming C8 is no mere guess. In Ferrari style, the mid-mounted V-8 will be proudly visible under the rear hatch. Expect the genuine article to break cover at the Detroit auto show in January 2019.

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I wonder where the price will top out with top specs and all options. It’ll be fun to see the eventual comparison to European counterparts by the likes of the Grand Tour crew. I alway enjoy that gang’s take on American cars.


Personally, I still doubt it will go to production. It just doesn’t make sense to for Chevrolet to have two Corvette models. I hope I’m wrong though.

The price point and what their performance target (oh, hello Ford GT) would also be interesting.


How much are ya willing to bet on that, @Kyle? :smirk:


@toddkraemer - I’ll bet enough to make it worthwhile!


@toddkraemer @Kyle

I’m with Todd I think it is finally coming and I really like it.


I also agree with todd, I’ve owned and corvette sense 1984 and it was a 70 LS7 hardtop covertable 4sp and 4:11 i got my 2nd in 2000 and it’s a straight LT 1 but came with the sport ZR1 suspension and 2:59 rear gears. I get 32 mpg on the highway if i drive normal, but in a vette who can drive without letting it breath some. On nice warm pavement my ASR will activate at 55-60 mph. I can not imagine what fun and raw power a mid-engine twinn turbo 6.2 liter would have??? My oldest son has our 70 stingray and is the head buyer and used car manager for Hare Chevrolet in Noblesville In. 1 of the largest chevy dealers in the state and country. They are always among the top sellers chevy has. He does get his hands on some new and new used vettes and takes my for rides and WOW so it’s hard to imagine this mid-engine 1000hp car!! I can’t wait to get a ride in 1…


It’s coming. I was going to get a ZR1 and because my dealer had an allocation. Do to me having a 18 year old son on my policy and a hefty speeding ticket my insurance agent highly recommended waiting until the ticket is off my record. I’m pissed but after hearing my dealer confirm that the Mid Engine Corvette is coming it made me feel a lot better.


Another year?! Let’s hope they don’t delay it because they manage to time its launch in the midst of a recession. Has any new Corvette been launched as scheduled without some economic crisis putting it off for a couple of years?


I have owned Vettes for many years. Bought my first one new in 1974… Then I went to a 79, 81, 85, 86, and now 03. I bought all new up to 86 and 03. The quality of the 03 is so much better than the mid 80s. No comparison! I wanted to go buy my last new Corvette because I’m not getting any younger and I find out I can’t watch them build right now because the plant is closed. They are retooling the plant in Bowling Green KY so this tells us a major overhaul has happened. I personally do not want a mid-engine Vette but there will be some people who will. This may also turn into a Corvette brand like Ferrari for example or Audi. Next you may see a Corvette SUV! There is no end to what this brand can accomplish… I simply just want my 800 horse kick ass car but I may buy a couple other things while I’m at it! God bless America and American made!!!


I wonder if Zora Duntov were alive today, would this have been the natural progression for him at the helm.


I think Duntov would have been on this 10 years ago.

It’s only with the introduction of the C7 that we have had a Vette that could truly compete with the best European super cars. AND, for a fraction of the cost !!!


I’ll buy one for $70k. Been saving for a Stingray. But this new one. Will be like a fiero on roids.


It’s happening. I can’t talk about what I’ve seen in the plant for the next 3 years, but I can say . . . . It’s happening


Considering the ferocity of the current Z06, I can’t wait for this one. Should be a match for any exotic…


I really want an American Icon to once and for all - show the world that GM can build a mid-engine semi-affordable - (read, not $300,000 supercar) for 1/3rd to 1/2 the price of a 488 Ferrari Spider. The Ford GT surprised the world by staying completely underground which is incredibly hard to do and it’s very welcomed indeed but unlike the first GT its unattainable not only to the top 3% but the top 0.3% of this countries erners. It has taken me 54 years to be lucky enough be able to buy a car for 100,000 to 130,000 + and while I knoiw most cant do that… if GM is going to do this I hope it competes with the GT and all of the usual suspects and somehow through mass productions can keep the car in the 100,000 to 130,000 area. Now this is where I may upset some…but I hope that this Hagerty C8 drawing is way off. While Im not saying that any supercar should look like any other…there are universal design qualities a supercar should have. They should be beautiful, sexy, breathtaking (literally) and — never cheesy. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I know, but the back end of the current Vette is a bit immature and the front of this C8 should have more guttural emotion. Folks can get mad but I have two 59 Caddy convertibles with huge, cheesy, rocket inspired wings etc…I love American cars - but after waiting decades for this mid-engine car to come into reality the gloves should come off not only as it relates to performance but also in the… “Holy crap, did you see what I just saw” department!!!


Love This car! Can keep the Corvette moniker, lets call the other one “Stingray”. We’ll all know which is which!


Sorry, but I am underwhelmed by this description. Furthermore, I see no need for a mid-engined Corvette. Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and many other manufacturers do not offer mid-engined models. The mid-engine is not necessary for dynamic or performance properties. What a relief to learn that the C7 will continue to be available. Personally, I have no interest whatsoever in a mid-engined Corvette. What comes next? A Corvette SUV?


I’m still waiting for the re-do 1999 Chevy rear wheel drive NOMAD. They had 2 choices to build a new car and they picked the AZTEC. Car guys aren’t building and designing cars anymore.


Kind of looks like a Corvette from the front and side but the back looks like they went to the Camaro playbook. The engine under glass is not a part of the 'vette but it is a nod to Europe (although not too original). It looks like it will be a great car but it isn’t a legacy car. (Just ask the Harley guys what they think of the cheaper, faster, better built Japanese cruisers.) Alas, it will bring new buyers to GM and I suppose that is what it is all about.