Corvette C8 Goes Mid V-8


Why does the mid-engine Corvette have to suffer again with 1967 Pontiac Bonneville taillight styling?..the Corvette historically has had 4 round taillights since 1961 if memory serves me correctly…PLEASE GM do not use the C7 rear styling…it’s slot car gimmicks at best


And ask the Harley dealers what has happened to their sales. The company is in trouble. Torn between the traditional guys who are getting old and already have 2.3 Harleys in their garage. And the new generation who don’t want a motorcycle that you have to constantly put back together. So this new Vette will go over with young and old alike. I think the article may be very close to many truths. EXCEPT on price. Of we are lucky it will start at $99K! Save this message and look at it again a year from now. Thank you


Wow…sum people take any opportunity to BRAG !!! I have I got I want I once had i will have.


Viper was doing it 10 yeas ago.


All that money and you still have a Chevy! I would still take the Ferrari,


Side view is great. I don’t understand using virtually the same rear panel with tailights. And why continue to have a non integrated spoiler? That stupid little add on piece. Are you going to tell me that it is for the “higher end model” and the base will not have that little piece? I hated that about the C7 which looked stupid without the spoiler as well. Make is flow, look nice not cheapie little add on pieces. Its a new car…don’t stop at the rear end!


$70,000 is quite a bit more than they are now base. This car will be made for a long time. They don’t intend to make back all their development money right away.


Better triple the money of the base Corvette price for the Ferrari.


I bought a new '66 427 @ age23, a new '68 427 @ 25; a '78 'fastback and a new 1987 convert in 1987. Still have 'em ail. GM mgt didn’t stop the mid engine proposals over the yrs, the Corvette design “boss(es)” did. Every evaluation of mid-engine concluded “no gain” & “why copy Europe”. Plus costs & lack of broad “user friendlyness”. Remember, Corvette sales are declining & GM needs the Sunday Driver volume to keep it affordable for the rest of us. Uploading…


I hope this spaceship never makes it to a dealer. Does it really look like a Corvette? NO!


This particular (mid-engine) Corvette is fine-looking…for an Acura NSX.
As the owner of a c3, '81, I implore GM to put round taillights back on its flagship sports car, leave the engine in the front of the chassis, and for the love of everything Holy, please put some curves back into the Corvette exterior.
How’s about a one-off anniversary edition with an iron-block 383, a 4-speed, and 4.11’s out back?! I’d buy one of those…:+1:


@chris.jimenez - The anniversary edition is an interesting idea, but I would hate to see how choked up an iron 383 would get to pass emissions testing.


Tesla should have used this for payload yesterday


My 66’ 427 425 radio delete was built in January 65’ when I was 19 and sold to an Army Officer when I joined the Navy and have been looking for the car ever since. Thanks Ken.


Have you search the 48 state motor vehicle registrations for your old vin number.? Should be able to find it that way, unless wrecked/junked.For my '66 & "68 never thinking i would keep them “forever”; as i replaced original wornout parts for some reason I did not turn in the old parts as cores. So, I have the original take-off starters, water pumps, fuel pumps & carbs in boxes moved over 5 different states. Both alts are external regulator type and are still on the cars. I’ve replaced bumpers due to pitting years ago but even kept the originals.Might have collector value some day.(The "68 last plate was 1996 so haven’t driven in 22 yrs-just getting out; back on rd.)


THIS is infinitely better than the C-7. Don’t like it, then
don’t buy it! Very cool-hope Hagerty’s
"concept" is exactly right.


I have my original registration build sheet but I was not aware of the 48 state motor vehicle registration. Thanks Ken.


plug these fascia from this site [http://www.gminsidenews.com/articles/mid-engine-corvette-fascias-leak-bowling-green/] into your renderings. Your current front fascia looks too much like the Zr-1. and the rear lacks the extra holes (guessing vents?). but close to the spy shots. Pls make updated version with theses fascia pieces soon.


Good god I hope it doesn’t look like that. One ugly mofo.


If this illustration is accurate, it’s not going to be a great looking car. No personality. Looks quite a bit like the C7. Hate the tail lights and rear end.