Corvette C8 Goes Mid V-8


Sorry Vette7092, but there was only one LS7 Produced!
There were originally two big-block versions planned: the 370 bhp LS5 and a ground-pounding 460 bhp LS7. Only the LS5 made it to production, but Sports Car Graphic editor Paul Van Valkenburgh did get to test the LS7 – driving it 2,500 miles from Riverside Raceway in California to Detroit. The LS7 had solid lifters, a hot cam and Holley double-pumper carburetor. He found it lived up to its advance publicity with a quarter miles in 13.8 seconds at 108 mph.

Also Sorry, But the 2000 Corvette had an LS1 at this time… LT1 was gone in 97.


I own a Ford GT. GM rented or tested one years ago at its Milford Proving Grounds and somebody must have liked it. GM is really good at taking another company’s idea and capitalizing on it; in other words they’re reluctant to test the water first. I’m glad to see the new mid-engine Vette and want to drive one and if it truly lists for 70K it will be the deal of the century. I currently own a '62 fuelie that was driven by Zora Duntov (have his signature in the owner’s manual) and I think he would be pleased with the mid-engine car as he was an incredible competitor. I just hope GM does its homework and the car doesn’t start falling apart after 5000 miles like some of their new stuff.


If Chevrolet is trying to attract new buyers to the Corvette brand, then it’s working, at least for me. I’m an NSX (gen 1) owner, and have never considered owning a Vette. However, this mid engine car has really got my attention. The C7 ZR1 is amazing, but I’m still not a fan of the front engine driving experience. Ten feet of hood out front, and sitting in the trunk, is a very different feel to me. I love the cab forward Indy car feel (great visibility) of my NSX. The new NSX was a failure and uninspiring, and just maybe, GM can build what Honda couldn’t. I think it will come down to price point though. If they really can start at $70,000 for the base model, then this could be a show stopper. If it’s priced like any other exotic, then forget it. The gen 2 NSX blew it at heavy weight (3700lbs), meager power by today’s standards, uninspiring styling, and $200k. If GM could pull off $70k for the base and $140k for the ZR1 I’m in. By the way, I think the design looks pretty nice, but I don’t really care if it has Corvette styling cues. Remember, I’m a new buyer. I never thought I would say “go GM!”


Man I hope Chevy an the maker put the mid engine in the back of the corvette but they probably want cell over here in the US unless you got a lot of :moneybag: to spend on it… But any who look out ford gt an Dodge an it viper make way for this monster Chevy bout to unleash on you guys… European speed Jack… Hell mary


Come on, $70,000 is a pipe dream. Why would they sell it for less then the current series of Z06 at $100,000 or ZR1 at $135,000?
My understanding is the C7 will continue on for a few years and sell along side the C8. Why would GM double the size of the factory to continue with one model???


Love the whole car/concept except for the air intakes ahead of the rear wheels. They spoil the lines, and look like an afterthought.


Well, it looks like a Corvette and that may not be a good thing.


Best looking Corvette since the C2… Everything in between has been… Meh… I usually expect to see portly old men driving them, with an Automatic… This is just what the Corvette needed… a badly needed infusion… I love everything about this car… except the loss of the manual transmission… I’m 57… and I’d choose death over driving an Automatic… and Paddle shifters?? meh… Don’t really care for them much either…
Just sign me… (NOT the fat old man driving an automatic Corvette)


I can’t wait to drive a mid-engine vette. The driving experience may prove to be kick-ass, which would be the basis of my desire. I have a 65, a 70, an '02 and an '06…had a '78 and don’t care for C4s…so if the mid-engine has corvette styling cues but drives like a beast on rails then I’m in!


So Chevy is finally going to build what Ferrari, Toyota, Acura and Porsche did for the past 2 -3 decades…a mid engine car. Well, hopefully it will not have the snap oversteer of the original MR2. I have been waiting for this for 20 years, so I am looking forward to climbing inside and seeing if they have built this one for my 6’4" frame. That has been a shortcoming of all of the others to date, tight legroom. C4 was good, C5 better, C6 less so, and C7 cramped. They are moving in the wrong direction on that. Hopefully this will have C5 legroom.


If you want to get a driving grip on the “new mid engine” Corvette look for a used Audi R8 with the V8 engine…it’s a well balanced chassis that track out performs the later V10 heavy lump…the manual transmission models are impossible to find but adds to the pleasure of road track events…the mid engine Corvette will join a large list of fast depreciating foreign rockets that generally are high cost maintenance rides requiring “factory trained” mechanics with burgeoning paychecks…most mid engine sports cars require that the engine be dropped from the chassis for major repairs…oops!..that front engine Corvette suddenly is a better choice for daily transportation and reasonable repairs…the “gold chain” crowd will suck up the first mid engine models…thrash the hell out of them and dump 'em on the market…I predict that the mid engine Corvette will be a flash in the pan and linger unsold in showrooms within a couple of years…just like the first ZR1 which was a engineering masterpiece without a real purpose…


I see the price escalating rapidly. They have already priced it out of the reach of the original Corvette audience. Funny, Ferrari is going to more front engine cars.