Corvette C8.R gets new 500-horsepower 5.5-liter DOHC flat-plane V-8

Our ears didn’t deceive us. When we finally got our chance to hear the C8.R fire up in person for the first time, we knew we heard a naturally aspirated V-8. We were thrown off by the lack of the typical thunderous exhaust note we’ve come to associate with Vettes, even those of the racing ilk. Even with some of the variables accounted for, there were still plenty of questions left unanswered, which is why we speculated on how the C8.R manages to sound like no other Corvette.

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It would appear that my white New Balance shoes will go uneaten! What an interesting power plant decision. I’ll be curious to see its production based counterpart.

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What was the powertrain that would have lead you to eating your Sunday driving shoes, Brett?

Basically a crossplane ANYTHING.

It still looks like it was designed by Enzo

I have been wanting to see a V8 version of the 4 cam V6 from the Camero for a long time. for many years I thought a 5 liter Hi Efficiency V8 with a flat plane crank would be the future engine for a Corvette. I have been using a 4 cam V6 in my sand rail and it is a smooth, light, hi revving, and powerful engine. I think it will be a long time before we see any of the new V8’s showing up on the aftermarket.

Holy NVH Batman!
Of course it all means nothing until the strike ends, and they can actually get them built.

I’m going to miss that thunderous Corvette exhaust.

The C8.R is remarkably better looking than the production car. The front treatment on the R works a lot better than the lumpen one of the production car. The added vent behind the front wheel balances out the otherwise awkward larger rear one. Even the back, which is horrible in the production car is greatly improved. Before they make the mistake of building the current car, they should redesign it to closely match the R. Take advantage of the strike time out.

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My real name is Speed Racer if the C8R is only making 500 HP’s