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Many of us are automotive gadflies, our shifting fancies dictated by the latest eBay listing. One month it’s Triumphs, the next it’s early Audi Quattros. But certain cars inspire commitment, a brand of long-term devotion that spawns communities of single-minded enthusiasts whose loyalty is akin to that of diehard sports fans. And just as a Green Bay Packers fan wouldn’t don a Bears jersey, there are legions of Corvette owners who couldn’t imagine themselves behind the wheel of a Porsche 911—and vice versa. What would happen if you took two gurus from the rival camps, figures indelibly associated with a particular vehicle, and put each of them behind the wheel of the alien machine? Would either become a convert to the rival camp, or would the experience merely reinforce lifelong predilections?

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I own a pair of 1990 Corvette ZR-1 cars, and also proud to own a very rare 1980 Porsche 911, with a WERK WISHES factory custom 930 wide body, complete with boxed rockers, functional side air vents, 935 style front air spoiler, and of course the iconic 930 whale tail.
I have owned a dozen corvettes over the years. I always love the corvettes for about 1-2 weeks before I get tired of them.
By comparison, only had one 928, and one 911, as well as some BMW cars. The first couple days of owning the German cars comes with a bit of disappointment, but opposite to a corvette, the German cars just keep on earning more and more admiration the longer you own it and drive them.
In regards to comparing a corvette to a 911 is really a unfair comparison. The 928 Porsche would have been a better comparison.
For example, comparing on a longer drive from Red Deer Alberta to Vancouver BC, we drove the 1100 kilometer trip in 10 hours, but it felt like work driving the corvette, and after the trip the corvette got parked for 1 year.
We drove same winding mountain trip in the 928 in a personal record of 8 hours for 1100 kms, including gas and food pit stops, in darkness and rain for half the trip, but loved every minute of the drive, and after getting to our destination, I did not want to park the Porsche, I wanted to get back on the road and keep cruising. Every mile, the Porsche kept getting more fun.