Crazy ’bout a Mercury (Marauder)... but not the price


Country music superstar Alan Jackson scored a #2 hit in 1993 with “Mercury Blues,” a song first recorded in 1948 that tells of a man wanting to buy a ’49 Mercury to win back an ex-girlfriend. Nobody, of course, could have thought the chorus—“I’m crazy ’bout a Mercury!”—was an ode to the Tracer econobox or Villager minivan.

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Very interesting article, thank you. Always wanted a blue one.


Too bad the Kenny Brown Marauder S wasn’t mentioned - These cars were a real beast . Below is a link to an Autoweek video - it takes a minute or so of preliminary stuff before the segment on the KB Marauder S starts - some drag strip footage is included.


Nice article! Not to many people know (or knew) about this car. I have always been of fan of big Mercurys and when the Marauder hit the local showroom in '02 I started dreaming about how I could get one. I bought my '03 Marauder in Jan. of '04 and still have it today and just started insuring it with Hagerty in July. It is fun to drive in the summer and I put about 2000 miles on it a year. Thanks for putting an article about it out there for others to see and learn about a little known car.