Create your own Corvette Summer with our eBay Find of the Week


Our recent article on C3 (1968–1982) Chevy Corvettes got us looking at them on eBay this week. The later “rubber bumper” cars, which lost the elegance of earlier chrome bumpers and the grunt of pre-emissions horsepower ratings, have been the whipping boy of Corvette fans for many years. This also means that post-emissions C3 Corvettes offer ostentatious styling, decent performance, and fun at prices that still make them affordable for budding collectors. For prices that could barely buy an MGB or an engine rebuild on a Porsche, you can drive an American icon with V-8 rumble, standard leather seats, and removable top panels. Parts availability on these is another strong suit, with replacement bits an easy catalog order or online search away. While they are looked down upon by some aficionados now, the mid 1970s were the best-selling years in Corvette history. Over 49,000 Corvettes were sold in 1977.

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