Creativity without fear: Up close with ICON head Jonathan Ward


Jonathan Ward first landed in Los Angeles as a child actor in the 1980s, logging screen time in Charles in Charge, Steel Magnolias, and The New Adventures of Beans Baxter, among many others.

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Good interview. Neat guy.


My mistake: the Rolls-Royce Derelict project is based on a 1958 (not a 1968). - AM


@aaronwmckenzie Fixed.


I was fortunate to be asked to transport an Icon FJ40 long bed for Mr. Ward. The truck, if I can call it a truck, was a great build. Fit and finish that would make Toyota blush. It incorperated many atributes that wouldnt be readily seen anywhere else but on Icon vehicles. I too run my own business, and wear all the hats, so I understand your analogies. Keep the good work going. Thank you again for letting me be your transporter. Larry at Big Horn Motorsport, LLC