Cross country transport question


Hi Colin,
Hagerty policy holder for 7 years here.
Our family just moved across the U.S from RI to The South Bay area south of S.F
Our Broker for the family wagon was Mr. Car Shipper, but I wasn’t that thrilled with the open transport company. Our fault for not going closed transport.
I’m thinking about bringing our 911 SC “driver” out (debating the rigors of Ca. smog with performance heat exchangers and loud exhaust)
My real question is :
Do you or anyone in the community know a carrier or broker they like/ trust ?
I realize you have to usually deal with brokers and not the carriers directly, but we’re looking for someone who specializes in classic cars.
Joshua Perrault


Hi Joshua,

As a general rule I personally avoid transport brokers. They usually have no knowledge of who will actually be hauling your car, the level of equipment, or their competency. Brokers by and large simply take your order, charge a deposit and then post it as a listing on Central Dispatch, a dealer and transporter only listing service. Basically a dating website for cars needing to be moved.

So I prefer to deal directly with the transport company. As you know there are many who specialize in enclosed transport of collector cars, and I’ve had good luck with all of the big name ones (in no particular order Reliable, Passport, Intercity, Mecum, McCollister’s, Horseless Carriage, et al). Some questions to ask are when will it be picked up and what is the transit time? How will the car be tied down? Will it sit in the same trailer/ same spot for the whole trip, or be moved around or even transferred through a depot or to another truck? And, of course, what kind of insurance they carry. It also pays to call around for the best rate as they can very significantly based on the route and wether they need something to fill a “dead” spot on that route.

I hope this helps. Good luck getting your 911SC home!



Thanks for the response Colin,
Sounds like alot of research is in order.
Josh P