Cruises, car shows, and road trips: What were you up to over Memorial Day weekend?


The unofficial start to summer cruising is suddenly (and finally) upon us, and that means the car show season has arrived too. We want to hear what classic-car activities you participated in over Memorial Day weekend.

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@Jim-R - Looks like you made it in that gallery a couple times! Looked like a good selection of cars, weather looked good as well. Just a nice day for a drive!


I went to America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington to see the new BMW Motorsport exhibit. The BMWs were interesting, but there were a variety of other unusual cars such as a Doretti Swallow, a nice looking 1986 Dodge Caravan with over 200,000 miles, a late '70s Honda Civic, some early stock-cars, and a 1914 Detroit Electric complete with its 1914 GE home charging station.
Photos up on Flickr at https://flic.kr/s/aHskyNh4sZ


Bonus was a free pass to Speedway’s museum. Outstanding collection.


I didn’t do anything collector-car related, unfortunately. I’ll make up for that very soon!


You better @Jeff! You have a Triumph that needs a few miles…


Reconditioning some bumper ends. Removed the rust, sanded, filled scratches and holes and painted.


I installed a leather steering wheel cover from Pangolin4x4 and finally added some grille badges I’ve had for over a year to the grille on my Land Rover Series IIa. While the grille was off I took the opportunity to top off the EP 90 in the steering relay. Also managed to get in a little driving during a cooperative point in the weather as Alberto was approaching…


Just returned yesterday evening from a 1000 mile cruise of the desert southwest of Utah & Colorado with my local club in a 60 year old British sports car that included the Gateway Auto museum. It was good and warm all weekend and we got some good sunburn, but man we had a blast! Highly recommended. Get out there and drive your cars!


I spent the weekend in Portland as the only guy with my SO’s sisters. Thought it would be just OK until one of the sisters asked if I could help her start her old car. This perked me up and we go out to her back little garage, I pull off a tarp and there sits a beautiful, pristine 67 MGB convertible. After the fluids, the starting fluid, wash, wax, polish and detailing we cruised Portland. Stayed in or near that garage all weekend except to eat sleep and cruise with the sisters. How cool is that for unexpected car guy nirvana.
PS My ride is a 66 GTO but I really loved throwing around this little MG. Very honest seat in the pants car. Found the reason why so many of you guys and gals like them.
Go drive something you never thought you would.
Great experience and memories of laughing woman with the wind in their hair. Doesn’t get much better.


We drove our '67 GTO to Richland WA to the "Tigers on the Columbia Car Show and we took second in our class.


Ok man, actually that IS a little better but brownie points from the sister in laws is priceless


So, with the weather threatening, I decided to watch the Indy 500 from what has to be the best seat in the house, my '75 TR6. Good view!


@kenneth.mcintire - That is dedication! Did you find yourself steering during the in car views?


@Kimberly - Looking good! Always awesome to DIY project turn out solid.

@sedwards - That steering wheel looks the business. Hopefully it works just as well!


@Kyle Steering AND making engine noises, of course! :wink:


@Kyle Thanks! It’s coming along.


Used my book, the Roadster Guide to America’s Classic Car Museums, to visit the Simeone museum in Philly. A great collection of historic racing cars.


Not ready for car shoes or cruising just yet…my 89 Mustang GT is starting to get on my bad side. LOL…I’m really sure this will be our last year with it…Its not nickel - dime-ing us yet but our weather and a convertible haven’t been playing nice together for a few years now…Had about 3 days in the 90’s last week and dropped down to the 60’s on Friday, looks good for the beginning of this week so its quite possible we will get a few miles in at last…Maybe today if I can fined the time and dry streets…had a bit of well needed rain last night…