CTSV Wagon with a Six Speed Manual for Sale!


If only I had the fund to make a real offer on this beast. I also cant afford the gas to keep this going down the road, I hear the fuel mileage is pretty bad…


Drooooooool. Those car so hot.


Woof! I think I need to go to confession for how much I lust for one of these.


Drove one a while back. Crazy fast, but felt rough around the edges like a tuner car. Thought it would have been more refined, like an Audi. I could be simply getting old, though.


I have always heard the fit and finish on the CTS-V (especially the first gen cars) was rough. I have never been around one in person though so I am just spreading rumors.

I just got the impression that people expected a bit higher than the car delivered. Except the engine. They seemed to have nailed it on that front.


Drove my friends 2011 CTS-V for the first time yesterday, what a wonderful car. Smooth, Quiet and Powerful. Anyone who buys this wagon will get a treat.