Custom 1965 “GTO Chief Camino” is the Pontiac El Camino of your dreams

The Pontiac GTO is a lot of things. It’s arguably the first muscle car. It engendered a wave of copycats hoping to cash in on the market it helped create, and it was definitely a cheater when pitted head to head with its Ferrari namesake. We’ll let them slide on that last one.

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I am no expert on the style of cars current or classic , however having once been the owner of a 70’s Ranchero, I swear I thought this “GTO Cheif Camino” was a Pontiac with Ranchero combo? Never the less, it’s a beautiful result in my 75 yr. old opinion.

This beautiful car is now sharing space with my 1967 GTO in upstate New York, both insured by Hagerty.

What a nice job! I really like it!

wow!! love it. have a 57 ranchero with a 390 in it and have had several el caminos. keeping the ranchero forever. sure did a greeat job on that gto val griggs