DATSUN 240Z 1969 thoough 1973


I bought my first Datsun 240Z in March of 1970 - and I’ve been driving them ever since. I’m the original owner of my 1972 Datsun 240Z - the only car I’ve never wanted to let go of. So if we have any 240Z owners or enthusiasts here on the Hagerty Forum - I’d love to hear from you. I know a lot of 240Z’s are insured via Hagerty.


I too am original owner of a 1970 240Z HLS30 001769. Bought it between tours in Vietnam. Like Beck, I bought mine in March '70. Later bought a '71, a '72, a '74 260, and a '77 280. The '70 is the only one I have now. It is a virtually rust-free, un-restored, un-molested, original paint (920 Safari Gold) car. Original AM radio with working antenna and only the original speakers. The only mod I have done is a Pertronix pointless ignition that can only be seen by removing the dizzy cap. I have the original 69-70 license tag mounted (Florida is an authenticated tag state). Have window sticker, warranty car, radio manual, bill of sale and original Tennessee Temp Tag from when I bought it in Chattanooga. 142K miles. Head’s never been removed. Drive it 15-20 miles about once a week, No oil needed between annual changes. 18-year-old Dunlops hold air like nothing I’ve seen or heard of. Starts, runs, shift, drives like new. No smoke, good compressions. So easy to maintain. Just a sweet drive with sooooo many great road trip memories.


Early 240Z on my bucket list for sure. Unfortunately for me I’ve waited a bit too long as values have skyrocketed over past several years.
Owned a dozen or so Datsun Roadsters (1500, 1600 & 2000’s) over the years. Many bought and used as parts cars. Started with them at age 12 and sold my last one 7-8 years ago.
Those early Z’s, what a beautiful and classic design that will always appeal.


Colleague at the post office and girlfriend’s neighbor both owned early 240’s. Fell in love with them straight away. Later owned two early 260’s. Enjoyed many great drives in both.


Today we have 185 Original Owners listed on "the Z Car Home Page” Z Car Original Owners Register (ZCOOR). When I started the ZCOOR back in 1994 I thought I’d be lucky to find 4 or 5 other people that had purchased their 240Z New from a Dealer and kept them to that date. Now with 185 I wonder if there is some type of Guinness Record we could claim for the 240Z’s. “The Sports/GT Kept The Longest By The Most Original Owners” - perhaps. It is a testament to just how amazing the original design and engineering were. I’ve never found anything better at any price.



Thanks for your many years of work on the Z Car Home Page and the ZCOOR.
I’m #155. I’m finding a few clever young people who get what the Gen 1Z is
about. Great design is timeless. Enduring, reliable, automotive performance
over decades is rare at any price. Considering the original sticker price
and the still relatively affordable cost of entry, the Z is a great
bargain. The fortuitous, nay, brilliant combination of these elements
embodied in one car was/is highly unlikely and doesn’t come along often.
During a 2005 road trip out west, I laid the speedo on 100 for 100 miles
through the Mojave. Temps and pressures were mid-range and about the same
as new. Made it back to FL with only one issue…Left rear wheel
bearing…at 128K in Ft. Walton Beach. Fixed in about 2 hrs. I’ve had most
of the popular sporty cars of that era, Alfas, BMW 2002, Sunbeam Tiger,
Corvette, etc. Nothing ticks all the boxes for me like the Z.


Purchased my new 1973 240 Z in December 1972. Got married, autocrossed, she drove it as a daily driver, (Chicago) it rusted repaired, painted, sold in 1979. In 1979 purchased a rust free 1971 240 Z. Rebuilt everything, autocrossed. It was painted & pin striped in 1981…and that what it looks like in my garage today. Four spoke American Racing wheels purchased in 1973 for the first Z. Now a winner in local car shows in Southern Arizona.


Also have lots of Z Stuff, including over 450 mini Z’s.


Good memories, I had a 73 in my 20’s, bought it from an older lady. Fixed the rust, put an air dam up front, painted it white, minilite wheels with Goodyear eagles, built an eng. from a 280 etc. etc. one of the most enjoyable cars I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had a “few”


My 240z is #5835 and it’s in pretty bad shape, pending restoration. I was born in '70 so my Z is older than I am, but it’ll eventually get rebuilt. Unfortunately the #'s matching L24 is lost to the pages of time, but the existing L24 was rebuilt to stock specs in the 90’s, but never fired, just installed and sat. My car sat in a sandy desert field for near 15 years, and it’s been in my queue for nearly two. Rust remediation will be the bulk of my restoration. Rear arches, floor pan pinholes, interior always fun. Sand blasting will come soon enough.


Please contact me via EMail - beck@becksystems.com I have some notes in my files related to HLS30 5835. Also HLS30 5834 is in the Nissan Heritage Museum/Lane Museum - - it was a Bonneville, F-GT Record Holder. Carl Beck


Thought I’d share this with the group:

One of the DATSUN 240Z’s that I own and of course Hagerty Insures for me; was recently released as a 1/64th scale - Die Cast Model. The “#300 BRE Baja Z” was made a part of Green Light Collectibles, Tokyo Torque Series I collection. In addition to the #300 BRE Baja Z the set includes the #46 BRE C-Production Road Race Car, A Stock 240Z and three Nissan GT-R’s. All are available individually as well.