Davin repairs The Fonz’s Triumph TR5

There have been some really sweet rides (and parts of rides) that have rolled through the Redline Rebuild garage. Davin has accomplished some wild transformations, but his latest project is simple when compared to a full rebuild or restoration—at least, it’s simple on paper. He’s just getting a motorcycle running. How hard could that really be?

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Double thumbs up Davin!!!

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Excellent work Davin! The owner is on cloud 9 with what you have done for him! The motorcycle community got a piece of history back as well! So cool to see and hear this “not your average Triumph” running again!

Now that was cool…

Come on Davin you need to jump it over a tank full of sharks…AAYYYY!!

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From all I’ve read about the show that bike was never run at all. Any scenes of Winkler on it were static or he was given a good push off camera and allowed to roll in. As a point of interest it was not the bike used in the first season or two either, he had a very nice bobbed HD knucklehead.

Are you certain that new floats aren’t available? SU is a going concern (operated by Burlen Fuel Systems http://burlen.co.uk ). Also Joe Curto is the go-to person for SU in North America ( http://joecurto.com )

It was fun to watch the calendar move from September to October and the leaves go from green to yellow-green. Fun video, thanks.

@jasper1 - I could believe this bike didn’t run on set. From my understanding Winkler wasn’t a motorcycle rider and never acquired the skill during filming.

Yes, I’ve read Henry Winkler was terrified of motorcycles and that scene of him coasting into the parking lot in the opening theme was the only time he actually rode…Still a touchstone of my youth though!

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Running the magneto with a drill was a cool trick but I think you could time it with an ohmmeter or test light like any mag fired small engine; turn it as slow as you want to see exactly when the points break.

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don’t forget to reverse the leads on your tester.

Gotta ride it in Downtown Milwaukee, get a shake at the diner!