Days are numbered for Hellcat V-8, hybrid twin-turbo V-6 could be next


Drag racing, big smokey burnouts, and turbo V-6 hybrids? That’s right, the era of Chrysler's supercharged V-8s may soon be ending. Or at least that’s what the latest report from The Detroit News is suggesting.

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"The demise of the great American V8 has been predicted before and has yet to completely happen. The Hellcat as we know it won’t continue, and I didn’t expect it would. Everything else is just speculation.

The bigger question is what will happen to the car it sits in. The current Challenger has been around 11 years. FCA and the Detroit automakers seem to have no interest in investing in sedans and coupes anymore. There have been numerous reports of next-generation Challenger development that came to nothing. Does it matter so much what engine they have if they only have SUVs and trucks to put it in?"


That would be a great step towards lessening global warming but that would take all the fun away from a V8. Twin turbo V6 just sounds like something from Ford. That’s not Mopar, mopar is all about big V8s and lots of power