Decloning 1966 SS back to Malibu

I have a 1966 SS Tribute , excellent condition but I would like to declone to match 136 VIN. Where to start?

Send in some pics and show us or detail how much of a “tribute” it is. The ss was a package so without seeing what they added besides badges, I can’t really give you much advice.

That being said one of my best friends has a pretty much unmolested 66 SS 396 (true 375hp four speed car) that he has had since we were in high school, so between what a lot of us know, and his true survivor SS should be able to help you get it back to non as specs.

First you would need to decide if you want to restore your car to its original configuration or just period correct. The trim tag on the firewall will have a lot of the information you need if you don’t have the build sheet for the car. Most of the exterior differences are just trim and badging, other than the hood. Interiors are basically the same as you could have buckets and a console or a bench with either. Gauges were also available on the Malibu.
Your main changes will be to the powertrain, as a 136 Malibu would have come with a 283 or 327. Transmission choices were also the same as you could get a 3 or 4 speed manual or a power glide auto in either, column and floor shift were available on the Malibu. The rear end on a Malibu would have been an 8.2 10 bolt standard but you could get a 12 bolt as an option.
There are several suppliers that can get you everything you need to make the swap such as ss396.com opgi.com or chevelle.com
Good luck!

Thank you! I think I will badge it back to Malibu and become a “sleeper”.
Thanks again.

THAT sounds like a plan. I love a sleeper. And even though I am kind of a Ford guy, I have a soft spot for the 66-67 Chevelle. To me those cars have some beautiful lines. Come to think of it the third gens look pretty dang good too.

Thanks ! Since it has a SS powertrain ( 396 4sp) , I‘ll just badge back to Malibu and fill the holes from the SS badging.