DeLorean confirms plans to produce “new” DMC-12s

Now that SEMA’s lawsuit has prompted the feds to finally issue regulations stemming from the 2015 Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, it’s back to the future for DeLorean… again. James Espy, vice president of DeLorean Motor Company, confirmed to Hagerty that plans are underway to prepare for limited production of a new, much-upgraded version of the classic stainless steel, gullwing coupe.

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This could be successful.

I’ve long been a proponent of “catalogue models” aka a car that doesn’t significantly change from year to year. Kind of what Dodge has organically done with the Challenger, or think of original Beetle, Checker, or squarebody chev truck.

I think GM could sell a lot of 57 chev Bel Air look-a-likes for example. Sure change colour options or things from year to year, but the whole point is you don’t need to change the design. If you had the choice of a Nomad skin on the platform or the usual crossover…

The newer Beetles could have sold even more if they looked more like the old Beetles in my view. For sure the last T-birds were neither new enough nor retro enough to succeed at their price-point.

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You nailed it --@ pepperalls!—

Yeah, I’ve long wondered why more companies didn’t do what Volkswagen and Porsche did with the original Beetle and the original 911—come to market with a good basic design and build a good, workable car, and then pay attention to the service department and the customers. Oh, they want a new gadget or doo-dad? Well, put that on someone’s spindle and make it standard next year. We keep running through suspension bushings in the front ends? Let’s add another 2mm and see if that doesn’t fix the problem for next year’s car. It didn’t take too many years for either company to have a real winner on their hands.

I like to wonder about what DeLorean would be doing now, if they’d survived the '80s downturn. They’d have to have a four-seater, probably a sedan, but maybe a coupe. An SUV? I never thought I’d see one from Jaguar, Aston-Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce, so yeah. Maybe even a light-duty trucklette.

I’d love to see DMC return the car to series production, and really make a go of it. Maybe there’ll be one out there for me one day.

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This is fake news. Its got to be. Can’t even get the facts right.

“…an electric powertrain is something DMC would consider.”
Wow! An all electric stainless steel DMC would go great with an all electric stainless steel Cybertruck.

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J’ai travaillé chez DUCELLIER en France sur le prototype fin années 70 début 80 . Le moteur était le V6 PRV. Il fallait un alternateur plus puissant pour cette voiture

(moderator translation) -
I worked at DUCELLIER in France on the prototype in the late 70s and early 80s. The engine was the V6 PRV. We needed a more powerful alternator for this car

I remember when the original DeLorean was released. Totally unimpressed. For starters, the windows don’t roll down. That was enough to torpedo the car for me. It looks cheap, sounds cheap and cost way more than it was worth. DeLorean was a scammer that ripped off investors and cheated the entire country of Ireland.

Maybe the second go will be better but if they don’t offer roll down windows, impossible.

So what’s this 350hp engine??

The windows do have a small portion that roll down. Personally I think they compare well with other cars from the era. More powerful than an 81 Mustang, quicker than a Porsche 924 Turbo. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, and I think that’s where the DeLorean stands out. It’s so much better looking than most of what was available in the early 80’s.

As for John “scamming” anyone, company records show they were working very hard to correct the initial quality problems. They really did care about the car and it’s customers. As for the Northern Ireland employees, according to a recent book most of them side with John and agree that working at DMCL was one of the best jobs they ever had.


There are several DeLorean owners who have converted to electric. DMC Texas had one built a few years ago and was considering selling them but scrapped the idea.

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The biggest problem with this article is that it’s old news…and not just from 2016 as the author mentioned. A quick Google search shows the guys in Texas have been promising “new” DeLoreans since at least 2007. And every year since then they’ve been “almost ready”…

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I love these cars. In fact, I’m thinking about buying one and getting a custom neon “Flux Capacitor” to take to car shows. The original Renault engines were underpowered for this car; but I’m sure a Ford Eco-Boost engine would solve that issue.
The styling on the DMC cars is timeless in my opinion; and you can be sure that when you show up at a car show, you’re likely to have the only one there!

I think the stupid and in competent Government ought to get off its ass and let free enterprise do what it does best, which is to provide jobs, income, product, and taxes to the economy instead of creating impasses to companies like DMC Texas to do what they are trying to do, and had to sue to get the Feds off their ass. As soon as the idiots bless the project I will order a DMC. I may even buy one now and not wait. What a bunch of idiots we have running the Country.


I also wondered why GM didn’t do something retro with the 57 Chevy. Actually they dropped the ball by changing that style after one year. I love my square body truck, the number of parts for it are great.

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Catalog cars were made by Chrysler thru the '90s into the 2000s. The Viper and Prowler were basically unchanged thru their entire runs. At least 20,000 cars. The 21? year run of the 1983 Jeep Cherokee is another example of a vehicle still beloved today…

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I have owned a 1982 DeLorean for many years and still enjoy driving it. There were some problems with it when I first bought it 10 years ago, but I was able to sort them out fairly easily. Every now and then, something else pops up, but the DMC crew in Texas has been extremely helpful in making the problems go away. The effect that the car has on people when I take it out for a drive is nothing short of amazing. The looks, the comments, and the picture taking confirm this was an excellent car to buy years ago. I have had it at many car shows and parades, it still draws the most attention at these events.
Could the car use a more powerful power plant ? YES !! But the whole Delorean experience is NOT centered on a 0-60 mph time. Rather, the magic starts when the Gull Wing doors open and it makes me wonder why other car makers have not adopted this marvelous feature that so few cars can offer. I am a big guy (6’3’ and a bit North of 250 lbs) and I have NO trouble getting in or out of this DMC. I can’t say the same thing about some of my older Corvettes or other sports cars that I have owned.
Will a newly manufactured Delorean with all kinds of upgrades be welcomed by the car buying public ? I would say yes and would be curious to hear more about the projected price. More power and upgraded head lights would be a great start but don’t change those awesome Gull Wing doors). Mine work just fine the way they are.


Maybe DeLorean should be contacting Rivian for an Electric platform for their car. DeLorean’s could then kick butt on the strip against all commers and get 400+ miles per charge as well.

DeLorean door windows do have a small portion that opens (as another commenter has mentioned) but it’s in an awkward location, right at my shoulder as I drive. I always imagined it was only included to allow paying tolls without opening a door. The fixed window is widest at its bottom edge while the door begins to narrow at the sill so there’s physically no place for the glass to go within the door. Also, my understanding is that the P-R-V motor was not any of the designers’ first choice but a compromise of cost, regulation and expediency. Still, there’s not much cooler than idling through a parking lot looking for a space with the door wide open!

It is high time, and rather exciting, not just for DMC but for others too, to get this legislation enacted. But. Don’t hold your breath. This is another area of the federal government that has ground to a halt since the 2016 election because of a refusal to fill empty government positions. It permeates all areas of the federal system. And its not going to change. At last not until after the next election potentially.

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