Designing a car the way you want it


Today when you go to buy a car you are presented only with cars manufacturers want to build. Ford started a program to build cars on a platform that would accommodate customer desires but it never happened. I have a unique education and studied drafting and design in high school, studied to become a class A mechanic at college and also took industrial mechanics and computer aided drafting. I worked in GM auto dealerships and class * truck dealerships and I also spent time working on and in sales of garbage trucks. I also spent time working as a mechanic on school busses. All these different areas taught me a lot and when I was almost fifty I wrote a book about how I think cars should be built.

Working on garbage trucks gave me good knowledge in hydraulics and a car I built would be all wheel drive and be driven hydraulically. The braking system would be fashioned similar to class eight trucks where the brakes are applied all the time and hydraulics would be used to release them. This eliminates parking brakes. It also encloses the brakes so fine brake dust would not be introduced to the environment and possibly cause cancer. I also redesigned the steering using recirculating ball technology to gain mechanical advantage and easy steering. As well all of the wheels would turn from the same point to reduce the chance of a rollover during rounding a curve.

This book is available at Amazon, and originally I used the book to try to get interest from manufacturers. None would talk to me or even let me explain the things I wanted. Let me know if there is any interest in these ideas.

Robert Duncan Bouskill