Destiny or Something Else


I was fortunate to purchase a 1968 Datsun 2000 in 1977 when I graduated high school and drove it for a couple of years acquiring body parts to return it to “like new” condition starting in 1979. So I replaced the damaged parts and changed the color to a fantastic red. I stored it and went to college then sold it back to the previous owner and had the opportunity to purchase it back again a couple of years ago. Since then, I have returned it to the road to enjoy again with the addition of a couple of upgrades to bring into the modern age such as better brakes. I hope to add a better sound system while retaining the stock looking equipment and adding air conditioning with the only visual difference being non-stock air vents. It has been a great car and I will probably never achieve the same value on investment if it were another make or model of a more popular brand name, but it is still a cool car!


Hey, actually the car seems to be a cool and the reinvented one. Good job.