Dippin my toe in fresh water Ford Mustang

Bowing to lite pressure being applied from the wifes side i went in search of a late ish model Mustang one of her personal favorites,a search turned up a extremely low mile 14 V 6 which of course was not my first choice but got to keep things in perspective it is for her after all and a Coyote is out dont get me wrong she luvs to drive but speed is not for her.This car was owned by a young fella and he had blown all his bucks to get the car and add some mods Borla cat back,Flashpaq tune,Airaid cold air intake etc the car for a safety only needed tires go figure,now after some weeks of ownership this newer pony impresses me the fuel mileage is astounding and the level of performance that little V 6 gives is, well to me mind boggling yep Iam a product of the 60,s/70,s and if I had this car back in 1970 I would have broke some hearts,to those that have kept up with the times this seems like a foolish rant and yes my garage contains dinosaurs of my past and i luv em but Iam not going to do a throw down impromptu street drag against my wife with my BB Corvette anytime soon it probably will not turn out as I would like,Koodoos to Ford/Chevy/Dodge Bros of this generation I can not even imagine the latest high HP versions coming out of those camps they must be unbelievably fast.Rob R

I cannot agree more. Today’s V-6 engines are no joke. 300hp is 300hp, even though the engine doesn’t have a big cam overlap (or manners.) I poo-pooed them until I got a wake up call when I drove a V-6 'Stang back to back with a 5.0 GT. The difference was measurable, but the v-6 was significantly closer than I expected.

Post a picture if you have a chance. Would love to see the color you chose!

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There ya have it Kyle,I have been told that this Stang is but a test balloon and she thinks that in a yearish that WE should move to the next generation body style and the car be yellow in color WE will see LOL.Iam well aware of how much performance has been pulled out of smaller displacements more common to me are offshore units but I wasnt expecting this kind of kick out of good old American built guess riding around as a young lad in my Grandpa,s slant six gave me the wrong impression,so apparently the search will go on perhaps this time i can slip a V8 past her.LOL

Nothing wrong with the late model 6 'Stangs. I almost bought one for a driver that was the exact same color with 12000 miles but kept putting it off. A week later my wife was downsized.

If that hadn’t happened, I would happily be driving almost the exact car. 300 hp out of a 6 is impressive. When you factor in fuel efficiency as well it just makes it all the more impressive.

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