Discontinued Cars - Nostalgic Cars


Baby boomers are in full nostalgia mode as they contemplate their lost youth. And as the last generation that really bought into America’s love affair with the automobile, it’s natural that some of that nostalgia is of the four-wheeled variety. Here are five of the cars that baby boomers miss the most:

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Got a sweet '77 MGB tucked comfortably in my garage.


MGC introduced in 1967 was the last new model in the USA.


I must be (and am actually) a baby boomer. I owned two of these cars new - a 67 MGB/GT and a 1970 Firebird Trans Am and miss them both. There was a 69 Mustang Mach 1 in between those two which I also miss. Missed the TA enough to restore one virtually identical to my original. But you can keep the big hood bird - the early cars did not have them and look much better in my biased opinion.:slight_smile: