Disturbed by terrible service

I went for a ride in my 1920 Model T last Saturday and blew a tire a few miles from home. Fiddling with patches and fixes I finally gave up and called Hagerty for a tow at 9:00pm.
Representative called me back at 9:30 to say the tow company cancelled and my case was reset.
At 10:00pm I got another call from Hagerty to say the second tow company was unable, and I needed to make an appointment for the morning(!)
I ran home and hobbled together a four wheel dolly and strapped it to the flat tire and had my wife tow me home with her car.
1.). Why is it in Houston, the 4th largest city in America, Hagerty is unable to arrange a tow service for me?
2.) is it really the policy of my insurer to leave my car stranded on the street overnight? Be mindful a 1920 Model T lacks things like locks or reflectors.
3.) I sent information regarding my experiences to two separate Hagerty emails and no one has returned my email in a week.
Is this what I can expect from Hagerty?

@willriceiphone - We sent you a personal message to continue this conversation. Thank you for reaching out.

Thank you. In your message you state that the Hagerty agent should have dialed 911 as the police are more able to find a tow.


911 is for police, fire, or medical emergencies. Finding a tow for a 1920 Model T broken down in the neighborhood is the least of the worries of the Houston police department and has nothing to do with their mission of protecting life. Rather it is the responsibility of my insurance agency who promises to tow my vehicle when needed and to whom I pay for this service. YOU need to have relationships with tow companies to provide this service and not burden my city services.