DIY: How to rebuild an Edelbrock or Carter AFB carburetor


Carburetor problem keeping you off the road? Get out the tools and let Kyle Smith walk you through rebuilding your Edelbrock or Carter AFB. In part 1 (above) we go through full disassembly and share tips for getting stubborn carbs dismantled and identifying parts so that even if you’ve never had to adjust the choke, you can tear down and prepare your carburetor for reassembly. In part 2 (below) we will reassemble the carburetor that was taken apart in part 1, and share tips on how to make sure it goes together correctly the first time. Following this step-by-step video, and with a little fine tuning and adjustment, your motor should be revving in no time.

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Great video. I did notice the accelerator pump linkage was assembled to a different hole than before.


Liked the video very much. I do have some suggestions for the author and those who have never rebuilt a carb before:

  1. Use a white rag to protect the clean upper/lower units from the dirt that is on the wooden surface. Otherwise, you could reintroduce dirt into the cleaned part(s).

  2. Toothbrushes make great tools for cleaning crevices and cracks, instead of large white towels.

  3. Use compressed air to blow out passages. Much more effective than towels.

  4. I learned, when disassembling carbs, to match up the new parts with the old parts as the old parts are removed from the carb, not at the end. Maybe it’s a preference thing.


Yes, I noticed the change in accelerator pump holes, too. I’d have passed on it had he not told us to make a note of it during disassembly.
Other than that, I loved both parts. And the 4 comments are all good ideas. Pipe cleaners are also useful for small orifices.


Another useful carb rebuild tool is a can of compressed air like used to blow off your computer keyboard.


it would have nice if he cleaned the old gasket material off the primary venturies before he re-assembled it. There was about half the old gasket still there on both sides.