DIY Video: How a pre-purchase inspection can save you from bringing home a junker


Thinking about buying a classic car? Do your homework and watch this how-to inspection guide first. There can be all sorts of hidden terrors on old cars, so Hagerty’s Randy Clouse is here help you sniff them out so you know exactly what you’re getting. While these tips can go a long way in preventing you from bringing home a junker, Hagerty always suggests hiring a marque expert to inspect any vehicle you may be interested in purchasing.

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I enjoyed the video and picked up a few helpful pointers. Thanks very much.


Would someone really rate this as a No. 5 car? Seems like a driver would rate at least a No. 4. Maybe I am thinking of a different system?


Nice Jeepster and video detailing the rust and body issues. That being said, looks to be a nice driver as long as you know what you’re getting.

Was re-done at some point in time. Has the 1948 to early 1950 gauges but the later V grill of the late 1950 to 1851 Jeepster. Also (and it’s petty), but the “Jeepster” side badges should be on the hood. Also the F161 was never offered by the factory (just in the 2wd Willys Wagons). Only the L161 was. The F161 was a common dealer or owner swap since it bolts right in.