Do’s and don’ts for attending your first collector car auction


If you’ve never been to a collector car auction, you really should fix that. It can be thrilling, genuinely fun, and there’s endless opportunity to connect with thousands of interesting and like-minded people who also love cars. Imagine a car show with the added twist that everything is for sale, and a lot of sales have something for every taste and budget. Whether you’re a serious potential buyer or just looking to spend a day around cool cars and other car people, here are some tips for your first time watching the auction block.

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I went to my first auction in Kissimmee fl. and was so caught up in it that I bought the second car on the block, had to go home an hour after I got there with five days left in auction. Next time I will look things over a while before going to the block. I’m just saying, take your time.


Do Your Homework, know everything about the automobile, its value outside the Auction house, how expensive is it to maintain and how much are parts.

Don’t get caught up in the hysteria of the bid. Set your top dollar and stay with it.

Do insure it with Hagerty.