Dodge celebrates 50 years of the winged Daytona with 501 special edition Chargers

It won't have the original's signature elements, no aerodynamic nose cone or stabilizing high-mounted rear wing, but Dodge will be commemorating the 1969 Dodge Daytona, which dominated NASCAR before it was banned, with a special edition of the 2020 Dodge Charger. However, the name, 2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition, might require a bigger Monroney sticker. We’ll just call it the DCSRTHWD50AE to make things easier.

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Let me be the first to say…

It isn’t the same without the ginormous wing in back.


Without the wing and nose it’s just a sales gimmick to separate a customer from his/her money. I do not find anything attractive in it.


Chrysler hopes that, unlike the originals, these won’t languish on dealers lots.

But it’s STILL a 4-door. That is hardly true to the Charger’s original formula.

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Chrysler is getting worse than Porsche with the number of “Special Edition” cars they are cranking out.

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They should have gone the same route as the 1968 Super Charger Concept and made a version that looks like the original 1969 Daytona, even down (or up) to the wing!

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Nice, but I still prefer my 2013 SRT8 HPP Daytona conversion!!



Petty drove a Torino in 69, a Superbird in 70.

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Yep; just had a no sale in PA for $1.35 million. I hear Todd wants $8 million for it…

Having had a 68 and a 69 charger its hard to love a 4 door, with that said… the technology and power of the new is just amazing…

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I have had '68, '70, '71, and '73 charger’s but am not interested in owning a 4 door sports car. If dodge wants to say they are doing something special, offer a 2 door charger, add the nose and the wing and then you can say we have a special edition. Don’t just add some decal to the dash, raise the price and say hey come get the special edition charger.

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It’s amazing how long they can milk that old Mercedes chassis… 23 years?


HPP told me that Chrysler “considered” making a factory Daytona Challenger, but deemed it was not cost effective and would not sell. I’m in my Daytona for around 60 large; the 50th anniversary Daytona has got to be approaching six figures, if not beyond. So much for not being “cost effective”!

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for REAL enthusiast sales, it needs the tremec 6 speed, something to make it Performance-Special, unlike the gm ruby red special edition corvette that offered no real value

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Yep, another feeble attempt by the automakers to bring back the past and seeming not knowing what the past was.
The Bean Counters have taken over the industry.
SUV’s and Trucks are the new mindset.

Lot of money for 10 Hp
a stripe and sticker. No appeal like the original.

@ jmcnally: I have a '93 40th Anniversary 6 speed coupe. So, are you saying that a Tremec 6 speed makes it an “enthusiast’s” car but not a ZF 6 speed? In it’s day, an LT1, 6 speed Corvette was (is) an enthusiast’s car on its own. The 40th Anniversary option, admittedly, had unique interior and exterior colors (Ruby Red), the inclusion of some options as part of the package and some badging. How is that different than nearly every other Anniversary/Pace Car/Tribute package that has been marketed for the past 50+ years?

Celebrating 50 years buy painting a white stripe over Petty blue and calling it a Daytona.

I believe the blue on the 50th anniversary Daytona is “Petty Blue” as used on the race model back in the day. “B5 Blue” is a standard color available on any model Charger and not exclusive to the Anniversary version in the story.